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Wooden windows made in the UK

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The Best wooden 'A' Rated Windows

Britain is no stranger to creating out standing products. The British are pioneers when it comes to creating the finest products in the world. We are known for our craftsmanship, skilled workers and ability to be at the forefront of most industries. Today, wooden windows are no exception. So we ask ‘Why import your wooden windows if the best is already here in the U.K?

Installed Flush Fit 'A' Rated Wooden Window with

Installed Flush Fit ‘A’ Rated Wooden Window

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Understandably not everyone can afford this level of quality and craftsmanship, but those who can recognise the outstanding quality and great finish each window adds to their property.

All too often people opt to import lesser quality wooden windows from further afield as a cost saving measure. This can prove to be short sighted and more expensive in the long run. Making them not such a good deal after all. You have probably heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ and it is true. Have you ever bought something cheaper and it just doesn’t last?

Victorian Wooden Window

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Georgian Wooden Window

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We are seeing an increase of imported windows from China and Europe which just aren’t designed specifically for the U.K. market. How can the same window fulfil the needs of a period property in the U.K. yet still be ideal for a villa in Spain? Well, it can’t.

The quality of the build on imported windows can be a problem too. Leaving insufficiently sealed joints in the windows which can increase problems such as heat loss. Of course this isn’t a problem for your Spanish villa but it’s less than ideal for your home here in the U.K. This is a costly way to lose money year on year and it’s a problem which will only get worse as the window ages. All of our windows are individually inspected at every step of the way to ensure you get the best wooden window available.

We (and our customers) believe that the UK have some of the best skilled tradesmen in the world. Our ‘A’ Rated wooden window is like nothing else on the market and we are proud to say that it’s been developed with the U.K. Climate in mind. It’s specifically focused to cope and withstand the hot british summers, the harsh winter seasons and increasing fluctuation in the British weather which we experience year after year. Yet that’s not all: our ‘A’ Rated window is made by skilled tradesmen in the U.K. (Devon and Cornwall to be precise).

The Best 'A' Rated Wooden Window being made

The Best ‘A’ Rated Wooden Window installed

Our wooden window is also the choice of professional architects who want a quality window to represent the outstanding quality of their work.

Why do so many people opt for this window over everything else on the market:

  • Quality checked at every stage
  • Double glazed
  • Specifically for UK properties
  • ‘A’ Rated window
  • Suitable for Georgian and Victorian properties.
  • Delivered FREE of charge
  • Will reduce heat loss
  • In keeping with character properties
  • Increased fire resistance performance compared to PVC*

*According to the investigation by the Building Research Establishment, wooden window frames offer nine minutes more fire resistance to that of their plastic counterparts.

All this and for less than you think.

That’s not all however. The windows are bespoke. What does this mean? Well, you can have exactly what you want. We have a range of options available for people wanting Victorian wooden windows or wooden windows ideal for Georgian properties and let’s not forget our windows for listed properties in the UK.

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Some people come to us with concerns about the impact which substandard windows will have on the sale of their property. Poor quality windows or those which are not sympathetic to the character of the property can impact negatively on the final selling price of your home. You need to consider this as your windows should be considered an investment.

You can be assured each of our windows will be:

  • Quality checked at every stage
  • Professionally double glazed
  • Made specifically for UK properties
  • An approved ‘A’ rated window
  • Suitable for Georgian and Victorian properties.
  • Delivered FREE of charge
  • Able to reduce heat loss
  • Ideal for character properties

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Have a look at our BFRC rating below. As you can see for yourself, our windows have achieved the highest possible rating for a wooden window so no, you don’t have to opt for second best. And what’s more is that you can have them made exactly how you want them.

BFRC Rating



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